ATM Internet Routers

Industrial Cellular Connectivity

Sixnet’s ATM Cellular Routers™ use cellular technology to provide cost-effective, highly reliable connectivity for Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Financial processor approved and recommended, Sixnet’s “plug-and-play” ATM Cellular Routers reduce complexity and streamline deployment at the customer’s site. Complete with integrated routing, security features and support for all ATM management programs, these easy-to-use routers provide a secure, effortless connection to business critical ATM applications.


All Sixnet wireless routers, including the ATM Cellular Routers, are remotely manageable via Sixnet’s enterprise-class management software. SixView™ Manager provides user-friendly, web-based management and monitoring services, facilitating network visibility and control. Additionally, SixView Manager provides the ability to remotely configure, update and distribute firmware to multiple routers, saving time and money. SixView Manager is provided either as a Sixnet-hosted service, or can be hosted at the customer’s data center.


  • Financial Processor Approved
  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Support for ATM management programs
  • Built-in Firewall & SSL
  • PCI compliant
  • Remote Management via SixView Manager

Advantages of Cellular

  • Lowers installation & operational costs
  • Simplifies deployment and management of ATM network
    • Plug-&-play installation - router arrives configured and ready for use
    • Eliminates use of dial lines
    • Lower monthly cost
    • Cheaper and easier to re-deploy devices
    • Easier to fix cellular operations that to fix cable breaks
Reliable Operations
  • Minimizes downtime of business critical applications
  • Protects against unwanted intrusion
    • Advanced IP-VPN features
    • High-speed cellular connectivity
    • Built-in security
Remote Management and Monitoring
  • Speeds configuration and management of devices
  • Simplifies problem determination
    • Remote administration
    • Reporting of key metrics
    • Remotely manage multiple ATM routers from a single console
    • Remote configuration & updates
    • Integrated management capability
Industry Standard Technology
  • Reduces complexity
  • Supports all Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)
    • Coverts RJ11 dial tone to cellular
    • Financial processor approved and recommended
    • ATM diagnostic management programs
    • Industry mandated practices support
    • ATM configuration services

Cellular Radio Options:

  • CDMA:
    • 2G 1xRTT
    • 3G EVDO Rev. A
  • GSM:
    • 2G EDGE
    • 3G HSDPA
  • USB Aircard also available
  • IP Transaparency
  • NAT
  • PAT
  • Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • IPSec / VPN
  • SSL
  • 1x RJ45 10/100 Mbps autosensing
  • 1x RS-232 Serial Console Port
  • 1x RJ-11 (Dial Tone) - optional
LED Status Indicators
  • Power
  • Signal Strength
  • Data Send / Receive
Gateway Management
  • Remote gateway monitoring
  • Gateway configuration & updates
  • Sixnet or customer hosted
  • Dimensions: 7” x 9” x 2”
  • Weight: 2lbs
Power & Environmental
  • 110V AC (US); 220V AC (Intl) - available
  • Operating Temp: -40° C to 60° C
  • Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Approved Processors
  • RBS WorldPay – Lynk
  • Data Stream – ASAI
  • Elan
  • Columbus Data Systems
  • Switch Commerce
  • Metavante
Available Configuration Services
  • Universal Money
  • eFunds
  • Cash Depot – Satellite Receivers
  • Star Financial Bank
  • Elan

Enterprise-Class Management Application

  • Single-console management of network of ATM Cellular Gateways
  • Remote monitoring of critical metrics: signal strength, connectivity, etc.

Remote Administration
  • Configuration changes
  • Remote software updates
Flexible Hosting Options
  • Sixnet-hosted
  • Customer Data Center